Sum37 Secret Repair Special Gift Set (3 Item)

Sum37 Secret Repair Special Gift Set (3 Item)


Secret Repair Toner 20ml
Boosting toner that smoothly envelops skin and smoothes skin texture.

Secret Repair Emulsion 20ml
Highly nutritious emulsion that moisturizes the skin for a long time without any stickiness by abundant nutrition.

Secret Repair Concentrated Cream 10ml
Highly concentrated elasticity cream that keeps the skin firm and smooth, and provides a moist and shiny skin.

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Secret Repair Toner

  1. After cleansing, pumped about 2 ~ 3 times, take an appropriate amount, spread smoothly along the entire surface of the face, gently spread with pressure, and absorb it.

Secret Repair Emulsion

  1. Essence Pumped about 2-3 times in the next step, lightly spread from face to neck

Secret Repair Concentrated Cream

  1. After using the essence, take an appropriate amount and gently dissolve it gently to dissolve it, then absorb it deeper into the palm of your hand so that deep and deep nourishment is transmitted to the skin.

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