Skinfood Premium Avocado Rich Special Set 2 Items

Skinfood Premium Avocado Rich Special Set 2 Items


Special Set of Premium Avocado Rich Toner 180ml and Emulsion 150ml
With an extra Massage cream 60ml

Contains the extract of Avocado (15%) from the natural extraction method.

Natural extraction method extract high-purity avocado stock solution by squeezing avocado slowly at a room temperature without adding water or solvent.

Other ingredients include avocado oil, shea butter, macadamia seed oil and jojoba seed oil which are all nutritious and help keep your skin shiny.

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  1. Premium Avocado Rich Toner - After cleansing, take an appropriate amount to the palm or cotton swab, apply along the skin texture and lightly tab it for better absorption.

  2. Premium Avocado Rich Emulsion - After using toner or essence, take an appropriate amount and spread evenly throughout the face.

  3. Premium Avocado Rich Massage Cream - After cleansing, apply on the face without water and spread evenly onto the face. After 1 to 2 minutes, roll it further and remove wastes and dead skin. Wipe with a tissue or finish with a light water wash.

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