Innisfree Olive Real Oil Mist Ex 80ml

Innisfree Olive Real Oil Mist Ex 80ml


An essential mist with a 3-in-1 effect of moisture protection + flaking prevention + makeup adherence

Concentrated yet without stickiness replenishes moisture and refines skin texture right after cleansing.

This product is an advanced version of basic Olive Real series from Innisfree as the ratio of extra virgin olive oil has been raised while Phenoxyethanol is removed to reduce greasy feeling.

Tocopherol, Vitamin E and Oleic acid are added to enhance moisture retaining ability.

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  1. After cleansing or whenever you feel dry, close your eyes and spray over face at a 20-30cm distance.

  2. Shake well before use. Spray onto dry skin with the eyes closed and gently pat for better absorption.

  3. Can be applied before and after makeup.

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