Hera Relaxing Facial Mist 75ml

Hera Relaxing Facial Mist 75ml


Facial mist that refreshes and revitalizes the skin for its healthy and vibrant look at all times

Item essential for soothing the irritated skin
PACIFEEL™ is extracted from stem and leaf of Mirabilis Jalapa (four o’clock flower). It is gently absorbed into the skin to soothe it and bring the smoothness back to the rough dull skin. In addition, its luxurious and delicate scent with the base note of neroli oil gives you nice refreshment.

Boost to the skin’s natural strength
Formulated with PACIFEEL™, RELAXING FACIAL MIST revitalizes the skin and strengthens its barrier and natural strength, so it can stay healthy and not easily affected by external irritants.

HERA’s first ever Air-Light Spray
It is HERA’s first Air-Light Spray type facial mist that gives a coat of super fine particles over the face and leaves it feeling light and refreshed. Use as part of your basic skincare routine to keep the skin healthy and even-toned. You can also use it on top of makeup as it has such small and fine textured particles that are quickly absorbed into the skin to help it take makeup better.

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  1. Shake the mist 1-2 times to mix moisturizing ingredients well and spray in a circular motion at least 20cm away from the face when your skin feels dry, rough and irritated.

  2. Leave it to dry or fan yourself to help the skin absorb it faster.

Tips: Spray the mist at least 20cm away from the face in a circular motion. Press firmly down on the pump until it does not go down.

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