Celebeau High Performance Black Mask 2 Step

Celebeau High Performance Black Mask 2 Step


Step 1 High Performance Black Pad
Removes keratin and impurities. Refines skin texture. Purifies skin. A double-sided peel pad containing charcoal essence that removes any residue and oil keratin after cleansing. It helps purify skin and increases skin’s absorption of essence so it heightens the effect of mask.

Step 2 High Performance Black Mask
Soothes sensitive skin. Moisturizes, vitalizes and protects skin. A refreshing black mask that comfortably relives your fatigued skin from external stimuli with its mild and soft hypoallergenic formula while restoring natural skin vitality and energy with instant moisturizing care.

Mild hypoallergenic formula will calm your sensitive skin and ease the irritation due to various stimuli.

Refreshing black mask with black pill pad that regulates keratin and removes fine dusts and tastes from pores, restores texture of skin.

Charcoal-containing black sheet firmly adheres to the skin providing nutrients quickly and cleansing skin creating a smooth texture.

Skin essential fluid made by low-irritation formula for sensitive skin moisturizing in one tough.

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  1. After cleansing, use the embossed side of Black Pill Pad from Step 1 to gently remove makeup residue and impurities.

  2. Use the other side to refine your skin texture.

  3. Apply Black Mask from Step 2 by aligning the holes with your eyes and lip and evenly place it on your face.

  4. After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask and lightly pat with your hands to absorb the remaining essence.

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