Celebeau Super Moisture Soothing Gel 300g

Celebeau Super Moisture Soothing Gel 300g


Celebeau Super Moisture Soothing Gel instantly replenishes moisture on tired skin.

  • Real soothing gel with 95% extract
    Cactus extract with excellent moisture storage ability, coconut fruit extract with nutrients and aloe vera extract to relive skin’s thirst while balancing and calming the skin.

  • Non-stick moisture gel type.
    A fresh, moist and dry gel texture replenishes moisture to your skin without stickiness perfecting your skin condition.

  • Cool your skin temperature.
    A dual cooling system that cools right on the skin surface and again after it absorbs soothing your skin in hot summer.

  • Convenient pouch pack
    Unlike conventional soaping gel, it is easy to use and can be used hygienically by blocking external contaminants with a pouch-type soiling gel.

3 Type:

  • Cactus
    The cactus, hyaluronic acid and ceramide ingredients form a moisture barrier to prevent dryness of the skin and help to moisturize the skin.

  • Aloe
    Green energy calming care with aloe vera, green tea and centila extract helps protect the skin from external stimuli.

  • Coconut
    Coconut fruit extract and milk protein ingredients provides deep moisturizing for a long time.

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  1. Apply an appropriate amount and spread softly on the face and body.

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