SU:M37˚ White award Enzyme Powder Wash 1.5g*60ea

SU:M37˚ White award Enzyme Powder Wash 1.5g*60ea


SUM 37 White Award Enzyme Powder Wash is a powder-type cleansing form with its mild finishing texture contains fermentative component NAPS (N-AcerylPhytos-Phingosine), antioxidant Acai Berry, Rice extracts, and enzymes, which removes skin wastes during the wash-off and makes your skin crystal clear and bright. This mild cleansing foam allows gentle wash while removing impurities and old keratins perfectly, thus makes skin crystal-clear. 

White Award Line

White Award line has rich fermented whitening ingredients, NAPS (N-Acety Phytosphingosine), antioxidant - prevention ingredients and various nutrition ingredient and contains Acai Berry, which is spotlighted as super food over the world. This is a whitening & anti-aging care line which prevents early aging of the skin and helps the skin to be clean, clear, glowing and refreshing.

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  1. After removing makeup completely, open one individually-packaged powder and take cleansing form on the palms and lather it with water.

  2. Massage gently over face avoiding eye area and rinse with lukewarm water.


Acaiberry, rice extracts, enzymes, NAPS (N-AcerylPhytos-Phingosine)

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