Innisfree Vivid Creamy Tint 4.5g (12 Color)

Innisfree Vivid Creamy Tint 4.5g (12 Color)


Innisfree Vivid Creamy Tint lightly coats the lips with smooth and moist volume.

The creamy texture adheres to the lips with superb tenacity.

Comes with three colors per season that matches the tone of each four season.

12 Colors:

  1. Apricot Cotton Candy

  2. Custard Cream Strawberry Latte

  3. Moist Raspberry Pudding

  4. Tangerine Slush

  5. Pink Sherbet

  6. Sweet Watermelon Red

  7. Milk Tea

  8. Autumn Persimmon

  9. Autumn dried berry

  10. Cup of dried rose tea

  11. Winter Moonlight Wine

  12. Warm Vin Chaud

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  1. Take an appropriate amount and spread smoothly on the lips.

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