The Face Shop Double Edge Stick Concealer

The Face Shop Double Edge Stick Concealer


The 2-in-1 concealer stick brightens and covers up imperfections with just one touch.

  • A combination of concealer and brightener that immediately brightens dark circles. 

  • The edged stick is ideal for covering up small, narrow areas and defining the lip line.

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  1. To correct and brighten dark circles, glide over the undereye area with the brightener side facing up. Gently pat to blend out the edges.

  2. To cover up blemishes, use the pointed edge to dot product onto blemishes and dark spots.

  3. For a defined lip line, use the edge of the concealer side to draw along your natural lip line.

  4. To brighten dull areas around the nose and the corners of the lips, glide the edge of thebrightener side over these small, hard-to-reach areas.

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