Hera Urban Veil CC Cream SPF40 35ml (3 Color)

Hera Urban Veil CC Cream SPF40 35ml (3 Color)


A CC cream that protects the skin from the harmful environment of urban life and leaves your skin natural and radiant.

Complete care for protection from the urban aggressors, such as oxygen radicals, fine dust, and UV rays.

  • The Multi-Shielding Technology that forms a flexible, thin yet firm veil on the skin defends the skin from fine dust and yellow dust.

  • Care Enhancing Cocktail preserves your skin’s true beauty.
  • Care Enhancing Cocktail: A plant-based compound serum formulated with various antioxidant-enriched berries, including Camu-Camu berries and acai berries, and the extracts of mate green leaves, quinoa, and water hyacinth.
  • The SPF40 PA+++ formula with an inorganic sunscreen base protects the skin from the UV rays.

Thin and smooth application and adherence

  • Adopting Even-fit System adheres smoothly and spreads thinly without caking and stays comfortable without heaviness all day.

  • Great for makeup correction as it will not cake on pores or fine wrinkles when applied in multiple layers.

Daily makeup for natural, clear and bright complexion

  • Completes smooth base makeup with natural coverage of blemishes, pores, and unevenness.

  • Leaves the skin naturally beautiful with a subtle natural glow.
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  1. Release a pea-sized amount onto the back of hand.

  2. Apply onto the cheeks → forehead → nose → chin in small dots.

  3. Use your middle and ring fingers to spread thinly for adherence.

  4. Use the tip of ring finger on the eye area, nostrils, and lip area to finish thinly and evenly.

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