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About oosh tush

We are seasoned veterans of technology in Silicon Valley. We are passionate about using technology to improve people's lives -- skincare is where we start.

Other online beauty shops sell the curated products which in many cases have the highest margin for the online shop. OoshTush partners with the major brand and their resellers to collect the global sales records and only bring in the best selling products. 

The ultimate mission for us is to create personalized skin care product at a reasonable price for everyone. We really mean everyone -- not just daughters, mothers and grandmothers; but also sons, fathers and grandfathers. We want to revolutionize how skin care is done and make it affordable.



noun NORTH AMERICAN informal
noun: tush; plural noun: tushes; noun: tushy; plural noun: tushies
a person's buttocks.
"office chairs are too often tough on the tush"


1960s (as tushy ): from Yiddish tokhes, from Hebrew taḥaṯ ‘beneath’.


Email: tush@ooshtush.com

Address: 809 Laurel St #299 San Carlos, CA 94070